About Us

When it comes to the best logbook loan deals, you need not look further than LCSS Loans. As a trusted brand and a leading name in the industry, LCSS Loans boasts years of solid track record helping borrowers with bad credit problems to easily get approved for a logbook loan. Our mission is pretty simple. We don’t want to see borrowers struggle to raise money to meet any type of financial emergency. Whether you need small cash or a large amount of money, we can give you a suitable deal that won’t break the bank.

At LCSS Loans, logbook loan offers start from £500 up to £25,000 at representative APRs that are often cheaper than the market average. As long as customers meet the eligibility criteria, you can count on LCSS Loans to find you the right deal without hitch. No matter your credit score, we promise quick and hassle-free approval for your loan application. LCSS Loans partners with only the best suppliers and providers in the market to ensure that we can continually offer the best deals at cheaper rates for our customers. We have also created a team of specialists who are always ready to help and assist customers from the get go.